360° Analysis

Analyze the full cloud

CodeShield scans your full AWS cloud, including serverless functions, databases, EC2 instances, networks, API gateways, IAM policies, security groups, etc.

CodeShield supports your complete AWS technology stack, e.g.:

  • CloudFormation
  • Terraform
  • Serverless
  • AWS Console
  • Docker (ECS)
  • Data Storage (S3)
  • Databases
  • API Gateways
  • Virtual Machines (EC2)
  • ...

Deep cloud assessment

All security features at a glance

CodeShield unifies multiple security checks and merges all findings into a comprehensive graph


Detect common misconfigurations such as unencrypted S3 buckets, missing logging, over-privileged IAM policies

Vulnerability & CVE scanner

Check your lambdas and containers against the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), OVAL Repositories, and further vulnerability databases

Container security

Detect vulnerable container images, known vulnerable packages, insecure configurations, and open ports

Inventory and asset management

Get a complete and up-to-date inventory of all services and assets, including packages and versions, running in your cloud

Publicly exposed resources

Detect API gateway routes without authentication, open S3 buckets, or open networks

Risk prioritization

CodeShield assesses the impact and risks of all findings and prioritizes them to show you the most critical issues in your cloud

Risk assessment & prioritization

Discover critical attack paths

CodeShield merges all alerts into a single graph which showcases all high-risk attack vectors and their impact on your assets.

CodeShield consolidates all findings and shows you the issues that - when combined - create a critical attack path.

Detailed graph-based cloud model

Visualize all cloud resources and vulnerabilities

CodeShield generates easy to understand, intuitive AWS resource and
data-flow diagrams directly from your AWS cloud.

Interactively explore your entire infrastructure from a birds-eye perspective, spot issues, filter, and look deeper into your cloud resources.

Time to uplift your cloud security

See what CodeShield can do for your cloud.

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