Full-Stack Coverage

Analyze the full cloud

CodeShield scans the full cloud across all accounts and applications, including VMs, containers, serverless functions, and cloud resources.

Using the cloud providers’ API, CodeShield works regardless of the technology you use.

  • CloudFormation
  • Terraform
  • Serverless
  • AWS Console
  • Docker (ECS)
  • Data Storage (S3, RDS, etc.)
  • Kubernetes (EKS)
  • Virtual Machines (EC2)

360° cloud security

Combine multiple security tools into one

CodeShield brings together multiple standalone technologies and merges all findings into a comprehensive graph.
Scan for identity issues, cloud misconfigurations, vulnerable or outdated code libraries and containers, all with one single tool.

Cloud Risk Engine

CodeShield assesses the impact and risks of all findings and prioritizes them to show you the most critical issues in your cloud


Assess your infrastructure against common frameworks and benchmarks, like CIS and PCI, and detect insecure configurations


Ensure the proper use of secrets, identities, and permissions across your serverless functions, workloads, containers, databases, and other cloud assets

Container Security

Detect vulnerable container images, known vulnerable packages, insecure configurations, and open ports

Vulnerability Scanner

Check your serverless code and workloads against the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), OVAL Repositories, and further vulnerability databases

Inventory and Asset Management

Get a complete and up-to-date inventory of all services and assets, including packages and versions, running in your cloud

Risk Assessment

Discover critical attack paths

CodeShield merges all alerts into a single graph that helps you identify high-risk attack vectors and their impact on your assets.

One single security issue does not tell you the full story. CodeShield consolidates all findings and shows you the issues that - when combined - create a critical attack path.

Graph-based visualization

Visualize all cloud resources and vulnerabilities

CodeShield generates easy to understand, intuitive AWS resource and data-flow diagrams directly from your cloud environment.

Interactively explore your entire infrastructure from a birds-eye perspective, spot issues, filter, and zoom into your cloud resources.

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