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CodeShield provides the best platform to detect the huge risk of privilege escalations by wrongly set IAM permissions. We didn’t know about some of our exposures before we started using it.
Jannik Weichert

Co-Founder & CTO, Edyoucated

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Discover Critical Privilege Escalations

CodeShield identifies IAM privilege escalation vulnerabilities and attack paths, that attackers can use to exploit your cloud, and classifies them according to the MITRE ATT&CK.

While misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, or over-permissioned IAM policies can be dangerous on their own, successful attacks are built on combinations of multiple weaknesses. CodeShield reveals hidden connections, and checks if there are dangerous IAM policies that allow an attacker to further move or pivot inside your cloud.


Easy Risk Assessment

Cloud Impact Assessment

For every privilege escalation and attack scenario, CodeShield showcases which concrete cloud resources are at risk, this allows one to quickly identify which escalation to prioritize.

So you can quickly assess the impact of any finding and get an overview what resources an attack may compromise.

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