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> Automated AWS Resource Diagrams

Visualize your Infrastructure & Data Flow

Get an overview of which JSON objects and data your AWS resources exchange. CodesShield generates easy to understand architecture diagrams directly from your SAM, CloudFormation files and source code.
Use them to easily troubleshoot API and security issues, verify your implementation or visualize your architecture for QA and audits.

To provide detailed insights, CodeShield applies static-analysis to track the data flow between your Serverless functions and the cloud infrastructure.

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Dashboard visualizing AWS resources Dashboard visualizing data flow between resources

user:~$ OWASP SAS-10 Security Analysis

Follow the Data within your AWS Infrastructure - Across Events, Lambdas, and Tables.

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Know your sensitive data-flows better than your attacker. Detect event-data injections during development.

CodeShield discovers OWASP SAS-10 vulnerabilities even if they span across multiple functions. Vulnerabilities are visualized in your architecture and your code.

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Dashboard with security warnings

Open-Source Security_

Manage your Open-Source Dependencies

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Get informed about known vulnerabilities in used open-source software immediately.

CodeShield detects known vulnerabilities (CVEs) in the used open-source software, assesses their risk, and suggests updates.

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Dashboard showing vulnerable OSS dependencies Dashboard suggest fix for vulnerable OSS dependencies

Leverage your Technologies



Analyse the configuration of your AWS Serverless Application Model files.

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation

Analyse the configuration of your AWS CloudFormation files.



Run code analysis on your Java source-/bytecode.



Run code analysis on your node.js code.



Integrate with GitHub.

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