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Agentless deployment
in 5 minutes

Connect CodeShield to your AWS account(s) and start scanning.
No need to install further tools or runtime agens.

Detailed cloud model & deep security assessment

CodeShield builds a complete graph of your AWS cloud and evaluates its risk factors such as CSPM, least-privilege IAM policies, CVEs, networks, and configurations – giving you the big picture.

Risk prioritization & remediation

CodeShield merges all findings into a single graph and prioritizes the findings on multiple factors such as exposure, severity, and spread to further resources. For all findings it provides actionable insights on how to fix them.

1-click graph view

Get a full picture of your AWS cloud

Get an overview of all assets running in your cloud and across all your accounts.

CodeShield merges all security issues and vulnerabilities into a single graph and showcases the high-risk attack paths they form that pose a threat.

Full cloud stack security

Uncover security issues and exposed resources

Check your entire AWS cloud for security misconfigurations, CVEs, and open networks, giving you total coverage of your environment.

CodeShield combines the functionality of a CSPM, a vulnerability scanner and shows you which resources are publicly exposed.

Agentless deployment

Setup and run in minutes

Connect your AWS account(s) to CodeShield and start scanning immediately - no setup required.

CodeShield is agentless and connects directly to the AWS' API to scan your account(s) for misconfigurations but also deep inside your workloads.

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